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Antioch Community Resources

Siloam Health Clinic - Contact: Amy Richardson (

HEALTH Antioch Satellite Clinic Open

  • Accepts walk-in patients

  • Accepts patients without insurance and those with private insurance

  • $40 flat fee

HEALTH Melrose Clinic

  • Accepts new patients

  • Require proof of income

  • The process is done in person


Americas Connection - Contact: General Hotline: (615) 270-9252, call/text 9 A.M. - 5:30 PM.

  • COVID Hotline: (615) 326-9986 (Spanish available)

  • FINANCIAL Hotel Voucher or Coupon Program - Coming Soon

  • HEALTH: Food Distribution (1 time per month) (Email Elizabeth for flyers and to refer families for food distribution)

  • HEALTH COVID hotline active and operational; call volume starting to rise


MPHD (Metro Nashville Public Health Department) - Contacts: Caitlin Washburn: (615)-736-1140,, Harriett Myers: (615)-651-4904,

  • MPHD COVID Hotline: (615)-862-7777

  • MPHD COVID Results Phone Line: (615)-862-7007

  • HEALTH Fairgrounds has opened new shelter booths for families

  • HEALTH Ongoing issues with employees and persistent positive cases (people who continue to test positive even after their 10-day isolation has ended). The MPHD has a letter from the people of the state, saying it can provide to employers. Working with TIRRC and the legal team on a potential public health order.


Corner to Corner - Contact: Shana Berkeley: (615) 270-9785, Facebook: @cornertocornernashville

  • “As you may know, COVID has disproportionately affected the Black Community. About 41% of Black-owned businesses have closed due to this pandemic. Corner to Corner is working hard to make sure this is not part of Nashville history through our entrepreneurship program, The Academy."

  • EDUCATION All information – including the “Register Now” button – is available on the website:


Informational COVID videos in multiple languages

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