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The Blessing of Food

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The Food Pantry is a place where families come to receive more than food. The boxes and bags of groceries that are loaded into vehicles represent relief and hope. All who wrestle with food insecurity can breathe a little easier knowing that there is food in the kitchen. Those who are transitioning to a new job or a new country can look forward to a time when they will no longer need this bridge of support, helping them move ahead to a new life. 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began in March, 2020, we have expanded our service area to include all of Middle Tennessee. Guests make appointments to pick up food once a month. When they come, they will receive about 10 lbs. of meat, along with beans, rice, pasta, sauce, fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, and bread. In addition, fresh pastries, baking supplies, personal hygiene items, and various other products are available from time to time. 

Afifa Miekael, the Pantry Manager, oversees a core group of faithful volunteers. Several days a week, trucks loaded with food roll to the back door. These trucks are unloaded, the products are checked in, weighed, and then stocked on shelves, stored in the freezer, or prepared for distribution. With almost 300 carts of food going out each week, this is a monumental task. The core of volunteers is supplemented by individuals and business and church groups who step in to lend their hands to complete the work and ready the Pantry to serve our guests when they arrive. If you would like to work with our Pantry volunteers and guests, please click the Volunteer button.

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