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  • Cynthia Thurman

Sweating to the "Oldies"!

The Branch's Older Adult Care Program has started this year off with lots of events. Every 3rd Wednesday of the month our senior clients meet for a social gathering with food and a time for learning and fun!

In January, we had the nursing students from Belmont University come talk to us about how we can stay healthy in the winter months when we are stuck inside so much! We learned about healthy foods to boost our immune system and we had an opportunity to get our blood pressure and blood sugar tested. Every Wednesday in February we are having cooking classes with Tennessee State University Nutrition instructor Angela Settles. She will be cooking up easy, healthy recipes for our seniors to do at home. In March we will have a “Sweating to the Oldies” exercise class for our seniors, where Belmont university Physical Therapy students will show us how we can exercise for our individual abilities and keep limber to reduce fall risk.

Cynthia, The Branch of Nashville's Older Adult Care Program Manager

We have also shared in many wonderful moments with our Older Adult clients at the Branch like the power of prayer in the life of our client Ora Mosley. I deliver to Ora once a month and every time she blesses me with a message. She is a fervent believer in Jesus Christ and trusts in His promises for her life. She has prayed for every need in her life and every need has been met through those prayers even a new car when her old one broke down! She shared that all her blessings, including getting food from the Branch, are thanks to Him!

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Feb 14, 2023

Amazed by the impact that The Branch's Older Adult Care program is having in the lives of seniors. Great job Cynthia!

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