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Bridging the Gap: Farm to Families Program Nourishes Nashville's Food Desert

Many of our client struggle to access fresh, affordable produce. Our partnership with Shaun Daugherty of SE Daugherty & Sons through Second Harvest's Farm to Families program aims to bridge this gap and ensure everyone has access to healthy, affordable produce.

Nashville continues to have an ongoing issue of food insecurity. There is limited access to grocery stores and farmers ' markets, especially in neighboring towns outside the city, such as Antioch.

Recognizing the need, Second Harvest's Farm to Families program connects local farmers with organizations like ours. Shaun and his team handpick and transport our selection to our pantry the next day. This efficiency ensures our clients receive the freshest produce without delay, enhancing its taste and nutritional value.

Our journey with the Farm to Families program and SE Daugherty & Sons has impacted the lives of our clients and our ability to give them fresh produce. In a city known for music and culture, the existence of a food desert is a reality that we can't ignore. But through the Farm to Families program and our partnership, we're working to address this. Together, we turn Nashville's food desert into an oasis of nourishment and hope, one grocery cart at a time!

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