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It's the Little Things

"C" came to The Branch last Saturday. She is a single mom of one little boy. Several years ago, she came to get food from us, but had not needed our help since then. But, the high prices of food were just too much for her one income family. As "C" glanced at the carts of food a Branch volunteer rolled out to her car, she immediately noted the gallons of milk nestled inside. She told the volunteer that it had been a long time since she was able to buy milk for her son.

The phrase "it's the little things" typically means that small, seemingly insignificant actions or gestures can have a significant impact on someone or something. It can also mean that small details are important and should not be overlooked. At The Branch, we see a lot of "the little things" that make peoples' day, like a couple gallons of milk.

We're here to provide what some may think are the little things, but to our clients, our volunteers, and our students, they may not be so little:

-Providing a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals feel comfortable learning and asking questions.

-Providing transportation assistance or resources to help individuals access our pantry, like older adults or single mothers who cannot easily leave their homes.

-Providing additional resources such as information about job training programs or other community services.

-Offering a variety of healthy and culturally appropriate food options at the food pantry.

-Providing social and recreational activities to promote community building and integration.

-Providing language learning materials and resources to take home and practice.

These are just a few examples of "the little things" that we have learned are not so little. And let's not even start on the list of little things that we, as a staff, have noticed, needed, and received from our volunteers, donors, supporters, students, and clients.

We love the little things.

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Feb 14, 2023

I'm reminded of an interaction with a woman at the food pantry several years ago. This senior was living on social security only. She was so thrilled to get a jar of jelly - something she couldn't afford to buy at the store. That woman and the little jar of jelly became a "big" awakening in my life.

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