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How You Can Help Your Nashville Neighbors

Nashville is a vibrant city known for its music scene, Southern hospitality, and thriving economy. However, beneath the surface of its lively culture lies a growing problem of hunger and food insecurity that affects thousands of people every day.

According to a report by our partners, Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, one in eight people in the Nashville area struggle with hunger. This means that over 400,000 people, including children and seniors, do not have consistent access to enough food for an active and healthy life. This number has only increased over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact.

Food insecurity can have serious consequences for individuals and communities. It can lead to poor health outcomes, such as chronic diseases and malnutrition, and can also impact cognitive and academic development in children. In addition, food insecurity can contribute to social and economic disparities, hindering individuals from achieving their full potential and participating fully in society.

The Branch has been combating hunger and food insecurity for nearly ten years.

We recognize that hunger is not just an issue of access to food, but also a result of poverty, unemployment, and systemic inequalities.

YOU can also play a role in addressing hunger in Nashville. By donating your time and gifts, you can make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling to put food on the table in your own community. The Branch is always looking for individuals, families, groups, and community members to serve the 50+ families that come to us for food each DAY. Together, we can make a difference. Volunteer today by signing up on our website.

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