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New Year. Same Mission, New Approach.

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Since 2013, The Branch has been distributing food to the Southeast Nashville community. Then, just a few years into our existence, we realized that most of our pantry clients struggled to speak English, so, out of seeing that need, our English program came into existence. Then, a few years after that, we realized that older adults on a fixed income were a large population in need of food services, so we started a program specifically to ensure their needs were met. Then, in 2021, a large number of Afghan refugees came flooding into Nashville, and we were called to help. So we did.

Now, it's 2023. We have helped over 1,000 adults learn English, served over 4 million pounds of food to families, older adults, and Afghan refugees in need. We are proud of our work, but we want to go deeper. With the help of our neighbors telling us what they need, our donors and supporters telling us "We're in", and our mighty crew of staff and volunteers telling us "You can count on us", we are starting Fresh Solutions.

New Year. Same mission, new approach. That isn't to say we will stop nourishing and educating families, we know that that is vital to the community and we will continue those programs. Nourishing, Educating...what was the third approach we take? Equipping. We want to equip our neighbors to thrive. With the support of our neighbors, our community, our staff, and our volunteers, Fresh Solutions will do just that. Welcome 2023, we are ready for you.

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