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The Power of Local Partnerships

Lisa Bergen is a past volunteer board chair for The Branch. Upon launching a new jewelry business in September 2022, she included our precious neighbors as part of her business plan.

Lisa donates 10% of every sale of polymer clay jewelry toward our English language program. Her primary goal is to encourage immigrants to learn English to better communicate in their circles: doctors, teachers, and future jobs.

Eventually she would like funds to support a workforce development fund in which participants apply for startup funding and, in turn, also give back 10% to the workforce fund. This expansion would continue to grow as the fund and participants grow.

When we work together as a community, we are stronger. Small businesses and nonprofits can form strong partnerships that will benefit the community by creating jobs, supporting local causes, and promoting economic development for our community as a whole. Thank you, Lisa, for your dedication to The Branch!

Visit @Cultivated_clay on Instagram, or to purchase and support the students of ELL.

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Feb 14, 2023

Lisa has been a wonderful supporter of The Branch's work for many year - and she is so creative!!!

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