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We're still here.

Back when Covid-19 hit Nashville, we had no idea of the impact it would have on The Branch. We immediately increased the number of families we served, but we still only served on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. As the pandemic continued into the Spring, we knew we had to have more space to serve more people who were thrown into food insecurity and to protect our volunteers.

Pastor James Cole and the Antioch United Methodist Church stepped in, willingly and graciously, to allow us to use their gym to stage our food supply. What a blessing! We could now prepare the hundreds of boxes of food that we needed to give out twice a week. But soon, we found that two times a week was just not enough to meet the needs of our community.

So, we moved. We picked up our entire operation and relocated everything in the gym at AUMC. Once we were settled, we were able to expand our service to six days a week, serving over 1200 families/month.

We now serve 5 days a week, feeding over 1000 families each month from our new location which is only 1 mile away from our former building. For the foreseeable future, this is where we will be: 41 Tusculum Road. Come see us!

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