Coalition for Better Futures
in Southeast Nashville

This group will bring all of its network, community awareness, business acumen, wisdom, best

practices, creative thinking, and compassion together to create opportunities for individuals and families

to flourish. This work starts with a view at the micro-level of the struggling individual or family who wants solutions and pathways to self-sustaining. It starts with listening and knowing our neighbors and their needs.

Questions to Ask

● How do we better facilitate opportunities?

● How do we support them, walk with them, clear barriers that may hinder their access to flourishing?

● How do we know an individual or family’s needs if there is no place for them to speak with someone one-on-one who can

   support their journey?

● What might some barriers be?


        Transportation related issues


        Low wages

        Lack of social connection/don’t know people who can connect them

        Don’t know what resources are available

        Mental health issues

        Alone with no support network

        Educational gaps

        Lack of financial literacy

        Housing challenges

The Coalition for Better Futures would:

● Create effective connections that will bring the best resources, strategies, and funding that enables us to help individuals

   and families.

● Bring additional wisdom, perspective, and voices to the table in an effort to iterate and innovate new solutions.

● Tap into a collective synergy of facilitating change and opening up access points.

● Include voices of neighbors in the community.

● Be educated and aware of unique challenges that our neighbors face.

● Multiply conversations that give attention to the needs of the individual who is struggling to make a livable wage.

● Work from a place of compassion in an effort to recognize that every person needs a viable chance to flourish.

● Meet once per quarter to collaborate, problem-solve, and create additional action steps.