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Empowering Communities: Belmont University's Honors Scholars Collaborative and The Branch

Belmont University's Honors Scholars Collaborative partnered with to make a lasting impact. Through a year-long project, the students developed initiatives to nourish, educate, and equip the community.

Led by Professor Dr. John Gonas, the students identified the need for a holistic approach to support families in need. They focused on areas like finance, career development, and healthcare to empower our immigrant and refugee communities.

After volunteering at The Branch, the students presented three impactful group projects. They created an online resource directory, produced training videos, and established community gardens to provide fresh produce and collect recipes from clients.

Through their diverse skills, the students aimed to enhance the volunteer experience, attract more support, and amplify The Branch's impact.

Belmont University's Honors Scholars Collaborative and The Branch partnership demonstrate the power of collaboration and community engagement. These dedicated students have empowered individuals and families, paving the way for a brighter future. Their projects exemplify the transformative impact of passionate young minds.

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