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Why We Exist: See Why in Four Minutes

The Branch of Nashville exists to build a community where everyone can thrive by nourishing, educating, and equipping our neighbors. As a part of our Summer of Thriving, our goal is to show our community that we are so much more than just a food pantry. Take a look at this video from former food pantry clients, who then took four years of English classes through our English program, graduated, and are now faithful donors of The Branch. This is what thriving looks like.

We are working together to form the bonds of friendship so that everyone at The Branch has a voice, acceptance, and welcome. By creating such a community in greater Nashville, we strive to give people what they need to thrive spiritually, emotionally, and materially.

We invite you to join us today by giving and volunteering at Together, we can create a community where everyone can thrive.

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